"Prior to coming to A.S.S.I.S.T., I was co-owner of MicroAccounting Solutions, where I worked from 1992-1996. During that time, I was Director of Client Services. I helped design and implement the Lotus Notes call tracking system, it is used here and still used there today. I have an extensive knowledge on the MAS90 accounting software. If there is a problem running MAS90 in any environment, I've probably fixed it before. I am also a CNE (Certified Netware Engineer) and an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). I have been working on computers since 1980.

I went to Lenor Kirk Hall in Dallas, TX and C.C. Duff Elementary in Arlington, TX; Bailey Junior High school in Arlington, TX; and Shandy Grove Christain Academy in Grand Prairie, TX. I was in the United States Marine Corps from 1981-1985. I was a Police Officer for the City of Bedford, TX from 1985-1988. I worked for AMET Medical Supply from 1988-1990 and left with the president and vice president of the company to start a company called APlex Medical Supply. I worked there until 1992 at which time I left to work for MicroAccounting.

My hobby IS computers. I have 10 computers at home with multiple servers. I play many internet based games and run a couple of gaming servers plus a public BBS or two. "


Tests taken for CNE:

DOS/Microcomputer Concepts

Netware v3.11 System Manager

Netware v2.15 System Update

Netware v2.15 to v2.2 Update

Product Information for Gold Resellers

Netware Service and Support

Netware v3.11 Advanced System Manager

Networking Technologies

Netware v3.11 to 4.0 Update


Tests Taken for MCP:

None Required back when Microsoft gave "free" passing grade on Windows'95 support to all CNEs and did not require a CNE to take the Hardware test.


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